Holiday gift guide 2012 part two: Gifts for mom

We're here to help you break the gift-giving rut this year and offer a few gift suggestions for mothers, fathers, and everyone in between. We'll be giving you a series of suggestions for the next few weeks to inspire and entertain.

Gifts for mom:

Beacuse everyone deserves chunky slippers. Adult Crochet Slippers - $29.50

A little better than her 'favorite Christmas sweater,' don't you think? Tippi sweater in polka dot - $89.50

She'll smell like a million bucks. DIY Bath Salts Kit - $40

Cleaver mug for a cleaver lady. Freudian Sips Mug - $16.50

The stroy of one timeless woman to will inspire another. What would Audrey do? - $10.88

So she'll always know where home is. Custom address stamp - $36

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