New book reveals Seattle's Eclectic Coffee Spot Safari

It's inevitable: you tell someone you live in Seattle and if you could see that think bubble above their head, you'd see an umbrella, the Space Needle and a cup of coffee. The Emerald City is known for rainy days and great coffee, a perfect combination.

Knowing that small coffee houses still exist in our area and the "big coffee house" has not taken over every street corner, Marsha Glaziere has published a beautiful book, Eclectic Coffee Spots in the Puget Sound.

Glaziere represents her journey into the "realm of coffee establishments around the Sound" and is full of her own paintings and photographs along with observations of the happenings in each coffee shop. She has looked beyond the brew to show us the architecture, the curb appeal and capture the personalities of each establishment.

For almost a year, Glaziere traveled and documented her experiences and hopes you take your own journey using her book as a guide.

Eclectic Coffee Spots in the Puget Sound includes addresses, two maps (arranged in six geographic zones-from Bellingham to Olympia to the east of Lake Washington). Your mission is you visit the most coffee spots in the book! As you travel and sip these amazing concoctions, you must collect recipes which must show one coffee spot name and location, one date, for one person with a minimum expenditure of $2 per receipt.

Your photos and comments are welcome on Coffeehouses in Seattle and Puget Sound Facebook page!

The first and second place winner will receive a signed giclee archival print-your choice. Third place winner will win a signed softcover book and 2013 calendar.

The Puget Sound Coffee Spot Safari competition ends January 31, 2013, so start your quest now!

For more information, visit the Eclectic Coffee Spot Safari.

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