Flooding in Philippines hits home for Lynnwood woman

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- Recent heavy rain has flooded the Philippines, leaving hundreds of thousands without food, clothing or shelter.

Now a Lynnwood woman and her charity organization are working to help those in need.

Christine Umayam is the founder of Child United, and her latest charity project hits close to home. Umayam's family members are among those now struggling to survive after living through a series of monsoons.

"Most of the damage was in the Manila area, but the typhoon had caused damage through Manila up north," she said. "I know in my mom's hometown its completely flooded."

After hearing from her sister just 48 hours ago, Umayam jumped right into action to help.

"They literally have nothing," she said.

Umayam is now hoping the people of Western Washington will step in to help with the little things.

"Toiletries, blankets, sheets, things that you probably take for granted and are piled in the back of your closets," she said.

Umayam's wants to fill at least 200 boxes of goods, but she knows it's going to take a lot of cash to ship the them overseas.

"It's really far reaching in terms of how many people we need to give," she said. "850,000 people in my brain. That's just huge, anything helps at this point."

Umayam feels blessed to have all the things she does, and now she wants to help those who have nothing.

"I've got to go ahead and at least give as much as I can for this this," she said.

Right now there are at least five drop sites in our area.

More information about the organization is available online.
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