Eyman Not To Blame For Ref. 65 Failure

SEATTLE - On June 7th, it became illegal to discriminate against gays and lesbians in this state.

Now, I've heard how some people are blaming Tim Eyman for that.

Hey, I'm good to go with pinning blame on Timmy for a whole host of things.

But is it really his fault that Referendum 65 didn't get enough signatures to force a vote on gay rights?

I don't think so.

Same goes for those area religious leaders who say Ref. 65 failed because of "apathy."

I suppose those conservative religious leaders would prefer to believe that rather than acknowledging their anti-gay prayers went unanswered.

But it wasn't apathy, or Eyman, that doomed Referendum 65.

I think it was simply that most people with a conscience didn't want to put their names to a petition whose sole purpose was to legally punish gays and lesbians.

I think Referendum 65 failed because most people saw through the sanctimonious, judgmental hypocrisy of those who think that homosexuals don't deserve civil rights.

And for those church leaders who are left wondering why God didn't answer their prayers?

It's simple.

God was busy answering the prayers from a whole lot of other people, including me.

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