Dog rescue group relocates 55 dogs from crowded shelter

    Volunteers from Issaquah-based People United for Pets rescued 55 dogs from an overcrowded California shelter last weekend, ferrying the small dogs north in several van trips.

    Laura Tonkin, founder of PUP, said the drive north was the easy part of the rescue mission.

    Originally PUP was only going to take 26 dogs from the shelter in Stockton, Calif. But, volunteers had a change of heart while the shelter staff was pulling the dogs out of their kennels, Tonkin said.

    "We were passing all of these great, beautiful dogs that were watching us," she said. "We looked at one another, and we were thinking the same thing, 'We can't leave all these dogs.'"

    After quick communication with foster families, PUP planned a second convoy. Meanwhile, the staff and volunteers processed dozens of dogs for transport.

    Tonkin said the shelter had done a great job with the staff and money it has. Some of the new dogs will see PUP vets with needs such as spays, neuters, dentals, some coughing and loose stools. Many of these conditions are to be expected, she said.

    PUP has an adoption event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 21 at the Covington Petco at 27111 167th Pl. S.E., Suite 113. To see the dogs, please go online.

    Tonkin said she plans to find homes for at least some of the dogs during the adoption event, as PUP is typically able to adopt out 15 to 20 dogs at each event.

    Applicants for adoption must be preapproved and need to send their applications to the Adoption Coordinator.

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