Crews free bear trapped high up Renton tree

It took about two hours, but wildlife officials have captured a black bear that scampered up a tree behind the Harrington Square Apartments in Renton Monday morning.

The bear was first spotted in the apartments' parking lot just before noon. Eventually the bear got scared and managed to climb up a large tree behind the building.

Initial attempts by wildlife officials to tranquilize the bear were unsuccessful, but they eventually were able to subdue the bear.

Video from Air 4 showed about 10 people were holding out a canvas sheet below the tree to catch the bear, waiting for it to come down. A fire truck ladder was also brought in to assist.

The bear finally came down into the modified parachute around 1:45 p.m. It was carted off into a cylindrical trap.

"I felt sorry for the bear," said neighbor Greg Chaney. "Ya know it didn't look aggressive, it looked confused, and it just looked like it was trying to get away from all the attention."

Officials later said the bear was fine and would eventually be relocated once the effects of the tranquilizer wore off.

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