Beach at Jack Block Park is open

After much work, the beach at Jack Block Park has been opened by the Port of Seattle.

While the park itself has been open since 1998, the beach was the last part to be opened up. A joint effort between the port and the Environmental Protection Agency led to the clean-up and renovation of the beach area.

The park site was the home of the Pacific Sound Resources wood treatment plant for most of the 20th century. The plant was closed in 1994 and was immediately added to the EPA's Superfund list. The clean-up of the area has been going on since, with enough work done to open the park four years later.

To get the beach ready, crews removed 10,000 cubic yards of contaminated mud from the shoreline, installed a sub-surface barrier to protect the beach, removed hundreds of pilings coated in creosote and topping 58 acres of sediment with sand and gravel five feet thick.

The park is on Harbor Drive, south of Salty's. You've probably drive by it a number of times. It has a great view of downtown and the bay, so it's probably worth a visit!

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