Barrel's Story...saved from death

    PUP's ongoing relationship with the Animal Protection League (APL) of Stockton, CA, has allowed PUP to place hundreds of animals into loving homes. The APL is a nonprofit volunteer organization that works to aid stray and abandoned animals at the City of Stockton Animal Shelter in Stockton, CA. APL works with rescue organizations in several states, in order to pull animals out of the shelters and into these rescue groups that can work with potential adopters. In short, APL and PUP work together to save as many animals as possible.

    This is the story of one of PUP's dogs named Barrel, and although there will be a happy ending, it's still a very difficult story to tell.

    Last month, many APL volunteers were working alongside the shelter employees at the City of Stockton Animal Shelter to prepare 39 dogs and 13 cats for their journey to PUP. While everyone was carrying out their tasks, one of the shelter employees decided to empty the dead animal disposal barrel located outside of the shelter. He caught some movement in the barrel out of the corner of his eye. When he looked closer he was horrified to find that a dog was alive - mixed in with dead animals. It is inconceivable that anyone would dump a live animal into a place designated only for deceased animals, but yet that's exactly what had happened.

    The employee reached in and cradled the dog, a four month old Terrier mix, and rushed the puppy inside. He was shocked to see that the puppy was being eaten by maggots. Jenifer, the shelter's registered veterinary technician, started picking maggots out of Barrel's feet using forceps, when she noticed his feet were burned, probably with a chemical of some sort. They think that's why the maggots attacked his feet. Jenifer then called Dr. Allan and administered care and treatment to the puppy under her guidance.

    That puppy, now named Barrel, made his way to PUP in Issaquah with the other 39 dogs and 13 cats. Unfortunately, soon after his arrival he hurt himself when jumping and broke his leg. This little guy is a survivor and will soon find a wonderful home, but the vet expenses are mounting. We are only able to help him because of wonderful people like you who care enough to send a donation to help us continue our work to save homeless pets.

    YOU are an integral part of our life-saving rescue efforts, and we hope you can help with Barrel's medical bills. A donation of $20 or more will be most helpful, but a gift of any size will have an impact.

    If you would like to make a donation to PUP, either to help with Barrel's medical costs or to help PUP continue the work of rescuing as many dogs as possible, click here.

    We have reprinted portions of this article with permission from the APL of Stockton, CA. Thank you Tammie Murrell for writing this article!

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