Woodpecker stashes more than 700 pounds of acorns in house, pest control company says
Woodpecker stashes more than 700 pounds of acorns in house, pest control company says (Photo: Nick's Extreme Pest Control)

A woodpecker in California stashed at least 700 pounds of acorns inside the wall of a house, according to a pest control company.

Nick's Extreme Pest Control shared five photos of the discovery — and the subsequent removal.

The images showed a scene that was nuts, with a worker pulling mounds of acorns from the wall.

The bird was apparently making holes in the home and then storing the acorns in the walls.

Came across this on a job," Nick's Extreme Pest Control noted on social media. "Bird was a bit of a hoarder."

The post also noted that the worker filled up about eight garbage bags of acorns, which the company said weighed 700 pounds in total.

Unreal never came across something like this," according to the post.

The photos were shared on Facebook on January 25. Since then, the post garnered more than 700 reactions, at least 525 shares, and plenty of comments.

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Some people expressed concern that the bird lost its stash.

That woodpecker will be devastated. Worked so hard for this fortune and it's all gone. Like if a millionaire suddenly lost all the money he tirelessly worked for," one person wrote.

Another person shared similar sentiments.

"I surely pray you gave those nuts back to who put them there. Maybe someone could build the bird his own bird (dog size) house where he can store his nuts!"

The pest control company told The National Desk the acorns had to be thrown out because they were covered in fiberglass and rodent droppings.

The company also replied to several comments on social media, saying the bird put the acorns through the home's chimney stack after making hundreds of holes in the wood siding and getting in through attic ventilation port holes.

"Acorns were piled from (the) lower floor to about 20 ft up into (the) attic," the company noted.

The business also said the people who lived in the home saw "little worms coming out of the wall that looked like maggots but were actually (a) type of mealworms."

One commenter noted that woodpeckers eat the worms, which are often found inside the nuts.

Some people were curious how it was determined a woodpecker was the culprit.

"(There were) woodpecker holes all over the house," the business noted in the comments. "(There were) acorns stored all over (the) siding and trim. (The woodpecker) completely destroyed (the) exterior of (the) house with all the holes everywhere. This bird was crazy -- we actually saw him there when we were there putting more in the holes he created."

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