Not a bright idea: Driver busted using flashlights as headlights on I-90
Driver busted using flashlights as headlights on I-90 (Photo: Washington State Patrol)

NORTH BEND, Wash. -- Maybe a point for creativity but a driver found out the hard way his work-around for his car's missing headlights was not exactly legal.

A Washington State Patrol trooper spotted the car on I-90 near North Bend early Monday morning driving with what the trooper described as "extremely dim headlights," according to WSP's Rick Johnson.

After pulling the driver over, the trooper discovered that they were not headlights per se, but large flashlights duct taped in the spots where the headlights would normally be. The car appears to have had significant prior front-end damage and was missing the original headlight lamps.

To top it off, the batteries were dying, leading to the dim output.

Johnson says using flashlights as headlights was not legal. Also not legal: Driving with a suspended license and this driver was 0-for-2, Johnson said.

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