Welcome! This is the start of something new and exciting at KRCG -- a mommy blog!I know what you're thinking ... "Gosh, another mommy blog? Why should I listen to this person?"And maybe you shouldn't. I don't know. Sometimes I feel like the worst mom on Earth, and sometimes I feel like I'm sinking, but I think almost all mom's feel that way at some point. So I hope you'll read this because I'm one of you. I'm a mommy. I'm a journalist. I'm just me, but I have some good ideas and I think you'll like many of them.I will use this space to find solutions to problems, talk about issues I've had as a working mommy and to give you a place to communicate as a mom. And of course, I'll share stories about my son!I know that stay-at-home moms are working hard, too. I know some who are more exhausted at the end of the day than I am! I hope you also find this space useful.I'll be posting daily ... and sometimes several times a day. I also hope to give some great recipes that you can try at your house.