Your obligatory 'It's sunny and warm in Seattle!' story

Seattle Center on a (rare?) sunny and warm day in early April. (Photo courtesy: Jason Erskine, April 7, 2014)

SEATTLE -- Usually when a weather story is in the top stack of our website, it's because there is impending meteorological mayhem, be it 4 inches of snow, a windstorm, flooding, or maybe some rare rumbles of thunder.

Not this time!

For once, we decided to declare it's news when it's a sunny, warm day in early April. Highs around Seattle are expected to reach the upper 60s with perhaps a rogue 70 out there in Southwestern Washington and there is plenty of sunshine to go around, as long as you're not on the coast.

Now while many might think it's not that rare to have a day in the upper 60s that could threaten 70, you would be wrong!

Sorta, kinda.

In the last five years, there have only been 5 previous dates between April 1-15 that have been 65 or warmer. See-- pretty rare!

(Well, that, and...7 dates in March, including 66 just last month.)

But how many of those warm dates came after slogging through a record wet February-March? (Ummm, one! See, there was a 66 degree day on March 24 just mentioned and...)

OK, but how many of those 12 warm days did we write a news story about? Zero! So it's high time these high temps had some sunlight shone on their achievement. The sun fans deserve their due.

Just...enjoy it quickly. Because as the vast majority of those 12 previous times we were this warm this early, it didn't last long. A weak front will bring rain back to the region Tuesday afternoon.

But Wednesday and Thursday both look dry and pleasant, if not as warm, and after a few light showers sneak through on Friday, the weekend is also looking generally partly sunny and mild with temperatures back into the 60s.

Just don't expect a front page story on it. By then, it'll be old news.