Welcome to the Northwest -- check your rain at the border

A strange dichotomy popped up on NOAA's monthly map showing statewide ranks of where their month's rainfall stacked up against their record books.

Relatively speaking, Oregon had the driest July in the nation -- and set their driest July in their 119 years of records. Washington wasn't too far behind at 8th driest in the past 119 years (remember, Seattle didn't get any rain, but there were enough thunderstorms roaming around in other towns to bring our state average off the bottom).

Contrast that with our neighbors to the south, where California nearly had its wettest July in record. That was likely due to an active monsoon season -- Death Valley actually set their wettest July on record -- and the fact that many towns average near zero in the summer anyway that even a little is statistically significant.

In actual accumulation, Florida setting their record amid a very wet summer in the southeast got several inches more rain than California and Arizona.

But still, it looks pretty strange to see such a stark contrast over such a short distance!