Web camera captures lightning strike over Whidbey Island

Did those of you around Whidbey Island hear a big clap of thunder around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning? This brilliant lightning strike, captured on tape, was likely the culprit.

The folks at have a dedicated web camera near Hansville that not only shows the weather but owner Greg Johnson also has the current weather stamped on the image, via his Davis Weather Station.

Early Sunday morning, the web camera was running when a thunderstorm passed over Whidbey Island and captured a large lightning bolt.

Here is a larger version of the image:


Quite a few people have asked where the camera was located and where it was looking. Johnson has provided this Google Map of where he lives and where the bolt likely hit.

Note that this is likely not the bolt that caused quite a commotion in Sequim. I've had quite a few remark of a very loud lightning strike there but this one shown was a different strike.