Weather too warm of late? This video will cool you off

About a month ago, when our dry and sunny streak was barely three weeks old, I posted some video of it raining in Seattle for those who missed the cool, drizzly days.

Here we are four weeks later and still no (real) rain. In fact, according to Cliff Mass' weather blog, Wednesday ties an all-time record of consecutive days of less than 0.02" of rain at 58. (And you thought I was the only one with obscure weather records! ) We'll break that Thursday. (The less-than-0.03" record is 70 days.)

But aside from the lack of rain, it's been rather sunny -- only 3 days since Aug. 1 have been overcast. Think about that -- 49 days and 46 of have had some sunshine, including 21 days considered completely sunny. And my Tuesday blog detailed out the temperatures these past two months.

For some, it's the best summer ever. But for a growing contingent of locals, we're starting to miss the rain and clouds more and more. Every time I post a new Seattle summer weather fact on Twitter or on my Facebook page, the boos and requests for "when is the rain and cooler temperatures coming back" are mounting.

The rain is now looking like it'll perhaps return at the end of next week just before September ends. And temperatures are in the process of cooling as well -- I'm thinking Tuesday's 82 was likely the last 80+ degree temp of the year, although 80s are not unheard of in early October but models don't go there and record highs drop rapidly into the 70s and 60s through the month.

But if you really, really want to feel cooler, I present this video by Mike McLaughlin. Bookmark it and visit often! :)