Weather at Los Angeles' LAX Airport finally off autopilot...

Image courtesy Flickr user dsearls. (Creative Commons 2.0 license)

Los Angeles' LAX Airport is not only home to one of the busiest travel hubs in the United States, it might also be home to the world's largest thermostat.

The weather at the airport has undergone an amazing stretch of consistency -- so much so that it makes you wonder why they even need a thermometer.

Get this: For the past 34 days stretching back to July 18, each days' high temperature has been between 70 and 74 degrees, or even more amazingly, going back nearly 3 weeks to August 4, the high has been either 71, 72, or 73 and the low has been either 61, 62, 63 or 64.

Even the wind has been remarkably the same, with max wind speeds between 16 and 23 mph and has been from compass direction 240, 250, 260, 270 or 280.

(Guess that's how Steve Martin's TV Weatherman character in L.A. Story was able to record the weather for the weekend on Friday!)

But! That streak was finally broken Thursday, when the temperature swelled to 77 degrees. (Heat wave!)

How do they get to be so amazingly consistent? Location, location, location:

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LAX is right on the water, and all it takes is any kind of west wind to get a cool breeze off the Pacific Ocean -- a pattern the Los Angeles basin has been locked in since mid July with a thermal trough to their east drawing in ocean air each day. (It's even affected the inland Los Angeles locales.)

The pattern is common pretty much up and down the West Coast through the summer, but rarely 5 weeks without a twist of some sort (or in LAX's case, an east wind.) You know who else is right on the Pacific Ocean like LAX? Hoquiam. And they've had a 10-degree swing in high temperatures the last three days alone.

So if you're a fan of the low 70s, a home near the runways might be worth the extra plane noise!