Watch tumultuous cumulus clouds bubble over Puget Sound

Photo of cumulus clouds building over Seattle on April 14, 2013. (Photo: Gabhan Berry)

You could tell the skies were a bit angry this weekend. If the heavy rain, lightning, snow and enough hail for others to make it look like it snowed there too weren't enough to showcase the turbulent skies, perhaps these videos will.

A few people had time lapse videos made of the bubbling cumulus clouds. These clouds are product of a very unstable atmosphere caused by a larger-than-normal difference in temperature between the ground and the upper levels of the atmosphere.

Springtime is a typical time for these weather patterns when you still have cold winter-leftover storms mixing with the warmer April sun. As that warm air becomes buoyant and lifts off the ground, it can dramatically rise and create these towering clouds that bring the heavy rain, lightning and hail we saw Saturday and, to a lesser extent, Sunday.

First up is Vashon Island, courtesy of Twitter user

Next up are these two gems taken from Hansville, courtesy

This one's from Sunday:

And here is Saturday:

And finally, this video from the University of Washington, showing the big hail storm that went through. Note the broad rotation at the end.

And when you get clouds like that, you end up with weather like this:

Or this:

Or in extreme cases, this: