Watch: Tornado trashes streets in Italy as cameras roll

Two photographers in Milan, Italy somehow managed to escape serious injury when a tornado roared literally right next to them as they had their cameras rolling.

Reports are that 12 people were hurt but thankfully no one was killed when the tornado touched down on Monday.

The videos show the incredible debris that this tornado was carrying along for the ride.

The first one was taken by someone who had the tornado come down his street -- you can actually see a bit of the tornado about 1:30 in:

This next one appears to be shot from an office and shows the grave danger tornadoes pose from flying debris. It gets really intense in the moments before the video ends and I can't believe how those windows survived -- at least up through when the video stops... we don't have the epilogue:

Here is another that shows the danger from flying debris:

This last one shows the funnel and the destruction in the aftermath: