Watch: Security camera captures tornado as it blows by house

A home surveillance video camera has provided a look into the incredible power of a tornado.

The tornado struck on March 2 in West Liberty, Kentucky, and it passed right down Randy Risner's street. He told WKYT-TV in Lexington that he heard the tornado coming -- "it sounded like thunder" -- and he and his wife took cover in the basement.

But his seven-camera surveillance system kept right on rolling, capturing the tornado's path of destruction from several angles. You can see the actual tornado about 54 seconds in, and if you miss it, look in the upper right corner at about 57 seconds and you can see the vortex.

While other neighboring homes can be seen on the video taking damage, Risner told WKYT that everyone in the neighborhood survived.

You can read Risner's full interview at WKYT-TV's web site.