Watch: Moon lights up Mt. Shuksan

Photo: Meg McDonald, Wild Northwest Beauty Photography

Even a night, if the moon is right, you can still be treated to the natural beauty of the Cascades.

Photographer Meg McDonald with Wild Northwest Beauty Photography spent a 24-degree night on Mt. Baker shooting Mt. Shuksan at moonrise, and also getting a star trail time lapse.

"I never know exactly what I’m going to find when I head out hoping for a great time lapse, or even when I start a time lapse," she said. "In this case Mount Shuksan and most of the sky were hidden by clouds when I arrived, but I began the time lapse anyway, hoping the clouds would let some stars and moonlight shine through to glitter on the fresh snow and ice. Then the clouds surprised me by vanishing completely."

She said most people don’t realize how hard photographers work trying to get conditions that allow great images

"And time lapse photography is even more challenging because you can’t tell at the beginning whether those thousands of clicks are going to produce a visual story worth telling. But the beauty of our night sky is so dramatically compelling that I keep trying to capture and share it."

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