Watch: Dramatic clouds mimic sea surf over Puget Sound skies

Undulatus Aperatus over Bothell, Wash. on June 7, 2013. (Photo: Liem Bahneman)

In many ways, air flows in fluid ways that mimic currents in the sea.

On Friday, there was an incredible cloud display that drove this point home.

Liem Bahneman took this time lapse video of altocumulus "Undulatus Aperatus" clouds over Bothell Friday morning -- actually a display of the newest member of the cloud categorization.

"I pointed my DSLR out an upstairs window with a 100-400mm lens and took a photo every 5 seconds for about an hour and a half or so," Bahneman said. "I added a little contrast for effect. Hard to believe it was recorded in color."

OK, you see clouds tumbling in the skies, but what Liem did to this video really drives the point home by...flipping the image upside down. Now, is it clouds? Or is it surf?

Here are two other versions by Vine user "Neil" as seen from Bellevue:

So even in the town that gets 220 cloudy days a year can still amaze from time to time :)