Watch clouds bubble and burst over Puget Sound

While these mix of showers and sunbreak-kind-of-spring-days might be a bit bothersome for those of us on the ground, they do put on quite a show in the skies.

Cold air aloft allows for warm, moist air near the ground to really take off and shoot high into the sky as it rises, with the local topography sometimes giving an extra kick to the updrafts. (University of Washington Professor Cliff Mass did an excellent write up on his blog on the details of what causes an unstable atmosphere.)

The result? An elaborate dance in the sky that you can watch in slow motion in real time, but really appreciate when it's sped up in time lapse fashion.

Here is video from Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale from Thursday's "show" -- watch how the Olympics help enhance the convection but also note around 3:45 p.m. what appears to be a massive downdraft.

Closer to Seattle, here is video taken from atop a Downtown sky scraper by James Rufo Hill:

The atmosphere will stabilize as we get into the weekend so enjoy the cloud shows while they're here.