Wacky weather: Pensacola gets 15" of rain, Oregon coast hotter than Phoenix

Vehicles rest at the bottom of a ravine after the Scenic Highway collapsed near Pensacola, Fla., Wednesday April 30, 2014. (AP Photo/Pensacola News Journal, Katie E. King)

Even through they're separated more east-west than north-south, Pensacola, Florida and North Bend, Oregon were true "polar opposites" with their weather this week.

Pensacola was stuck under a massive thunderstorm system Wednesday, which brought hours upon hours of torrential rains -- the likes of rains that even "Rain City" Seattle will never, ever see.

How can I be so sure? Check out these numbers:

At one point Tuesday, Pensacola received 3.39 inches of rain -- in 27 minutes! They were up to 3.95 inches in 34 minutes, 5.68 inches in 1 hour and 15.55" in 24 hours! Actually, the 15.55 is an estimate as their automated rain gauge failed amidst the deluge. A separate weather station nearby recorded 17.7 inches, while other estimates in the area were as high as 22 inches.

To compare, Seattle's daily rainfall record is 5.02" -- and that took a freak event as second place is 3.41 inches -- what Pensacola got in less than an episode of Modern Family. Their daily total of 15.55 inches is about what Seattle averages for October through December - combined!

Meanwhile, on the other coast...

On the West Coast, it's not rain but sunshine and warm temperatures. While Seattle reached over 80 in April for the first time in a decade Wednesday, the Oregon coastal town of North Bend did us one better -- by reaching the 90s!

Their preliminary high was 91 degrees, obliterating their all-time April record high of 85. In fact, it's just the 14th time that town has reached 90 in its recorded history, and the first time it's done so before August. Newport, Oregon also sizzled at 86 degrees, their all-time April high temperature too (old record: 83).

We'll see what Thursday brings as more heat is in the forecast for the West Coast.

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