Video shows weather blog's most visually stunning entries of past year

      Photo: Tyler Mode

      I had the honor and privilege of being one of the guest speakers at the Seattle Mariners' Weather Education Day event on Wednesday at Safeco Field just before the game. And for my speech, I presented a "weather highlight" reel that featured some of the best video and images -- many of it from readers -- that have appeared in this blog over the past year.

      It was broken down into four main sections -- the first dealing with signs in the sky that let you forecast the weather on your own sometimes.

      We featured plenty of lenticular clouds -- those spooky "cap" or "alien" clouds that hover around Mt. Rainier or Mt Baker -- as conditions that present those clouds are usually prevalent about 24 hours in advance of rain.

      When you see them, they might look like they are floating in place, but air is flowing through the clouds yet the clouds just stand in place.

      This type of pattern usually occurs about a day before rain arrives so you can think of these clouds as the mountains getting their umbrellas and hats ready.

      There are a few other signs in the skies that rain is on its way about a day away. When you see these brilliant rainbow halos or little streaks of color in the skies -- these coming up I've heard called "fire rainbows" -- are formed from the ice crystals in those high, thin clouds that refract sunlight like a prism.

      A similar effect can also be seen around the moon and it too usually precedes rain.

      Usually those high clouds are the first clouds in ahead of an approaching front -- thus the usual 24 hour warning of rain, but it's not 100%, which I guess means there's still some use for us.

      I also briefly touched on the sun coming into the most active period of its usual 11 year cycle of activity, expected to peak in the spring of 2013. That means more sunspots, and more solar flares -- and likely more frequent displays of the Northern Lights, perhaps even as far south as Seattle. But as you'll see, I showcased some other incredible aurora displays in more typical spots like Iceland and Norway.

      The rest of the video was a variety of "eye candy". If you're looking for more information about anything you saw, I've provided links below the video to each blog entry that was featured:


      Lenticular Clouds:

      First two images
      Second two images
      Third Image
      Lenticular above Mt. Baker
      Video of lenticular above Mt. Baker
      Tine lapse of Rainier lenticular (third movie down)

      Other Sun Tricks:

      Sun dogs over West Seattle
      Fire Rainbow (Anacortes)
      Fire Rainbow (Mt. St. Helens)
      Quilcene Fish Hatchery

      Northern Lights:

      Sun blast video
      Northern Lights over Mt. Hood
      Northern Lights atop Icelandic Volcano Pics
      Northern Lights over Puget Sound area
      Ole Salomsen's Northern Lights compilation video from Norway
      Southern Lights as seen from the International Space Station

      Winter's Wrath on Four Wheels

      2 Sunroof Ice Photos
      Switzerland cars coated in ice
      Waist Deep Hail in Texas

      Mother Nature Shows Off

      Mt. Rainier Heavenly photo
      Sun shadow behind Mt. Rainier
      Olympic Mountain Shadow on the clouds
      Noctilucent Clouds
      Mirages over Whidbey Island
      Mysterious cloud over Port Townsend
      SuperMoon over Seattle
      Stars take a spin around Mt. Rainier
      Vashon Island Fog Time Lapse
      Florida condos create their own weather
      Four waterspouts seen in Alabama
      Dust Storm In Phoenix
      Wave Clouds In Alabama
      Video showing tornado going down Kentucky street
      Thunderstorms as seen from International Space Station

      Dale Ireland Videos can all be found on his memorial page


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