UK lighthouse feels wrath of North Sea during windstorm

Gale Force winds from the North make spectacular pictures at the harbor in Seaham, northeast England, as they batter the seafront, Wednesday Feb. 6, 2013. (AP Photo / Owen Humphreys, PA)

I can only hope this poor lighthouse at the end of the harbor in Seaham, England was unmanned.

Or at least had very strong windows.

Check out these photo from Wednesday showing the wrath the North Sea took on this lighthouse that sits at the end of a cement wall. The caption only gives that there were gale force winds in the area. Here is a second one:

And here is a bit of video from the same storm. Hope their insurance is current!

Apparently these kind of waves are not uncommon. I found this video on YouTube of somewhat similar swells in 2010:

It reminds me of a spot a lot closer to home -- Cape Disappointment -- although in Cape D's case, the barrier is natural, not man-made.