Tucson now has a snowier 2013 than Seattle

Spectators make their way off the course during a snow storm during the Match Play Championship golf tournament, Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013, in Marana, Ariz. Play was suspended for the day. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Not only has Mother Nature essentially blanked Seattle in the snow department this winter, she's rubbing it in by bringing real winter to places that aren't supposed to have it.

Check out this photo above from Dove Mountain, which is just outside Tucson, Arizona.

Yes, that Tucson. Where 110 in the summer is shrugged off and people literally freeze in place when it drops below 60.

Snow started falling there during a PGA golf match -- something I'm sure the organizers thought would never happen. It'd be like planning for 80 degrees during a potential Seattle Super Bowl.

Here is another photo taken just before 1 p.m. MST from the University of Arizona campus:

The Tucson airport reported a drop from 50 degrees to 34 degrees in an hour with a switch from rain to snow.

A former long-time resident (my wife) tells me it does snow in Tucson from time to time. But number of years Tucson {>} Seattle in the snow department? Likely close to zero, if not zero.

The official tally at Tucson Airport was just a trace -- technically tying Seattle for 2013 as Seattle had a 14-minute snow shower that registered a trace on Jan. 10. But Tucson's snow lasted nearly an hour and a half and unlike Seattle's, actually accumulated in areas around the city, with an official spotter report giving a full 1.0" of accumulation in town.