Trick or Treat? Seattle's total rainfall this year is where we should be on Halloween

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SEATTLE -- Summer hasn't even given any glimmer of itself in 2017, and here I am already writing about Halloween. But I figured fresh off some big storms and then a reasonably sunny weekend, how about reverting back to some more Seattle amazing rainfall statistics?

So far in 2017, Seattle has had 25.58 inches of rain. The National Weather Service office in Seattle reports that just about matches our normal annual rainfall... for October 31st. Yes, we could go bone dry for the next 5.5 months and still be ahead of our annual rainfall average when we all begin that yearly trek for candy.

(But for wildfires' and lawns' sake, let's not actually attempt to pull that feat off, OK?)

Other interesting rainfall tidbits to toss on the increasing number of tidbits we've been shouting out:

It's only the third time since the late 1800s that Seattle has experienced rain on the first six days of May (streak broken on Sunday). Only other times were in 1994 and 1911.

And we're now approaching the record for wettest first 5 months of the year, which is currently 26.90" set in 1972. 2017 sits 5th place, but if we get normal May rainfall the rest of the month, we'll break the record.

How Much Lightning?!?

While I've got you here -- some have asked on how much lightning we had in Thursday's amazing thunderstorms. The National Weather Service reports they detected about 2,500 cloud-to-ground strikes in Western Washington. That doesn't count all the inter-cloud strikes or cloud-to-air strikes. Can't remember seeing a number anywhere near that high around here....

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