Trick or treat? Seattle already at 25" of rain this year, normal for Halloween

A woman waits in the rain at the Mobile Food Truck Rodeo in Seattle, Wash. May 3, 2014.

SEATTLE -- We just crowned the start of boating season. Summer vacation is just six weeks away for school kids. And it was 85 degrees last week.

But if we measured the calendar by amount of rain that has fallen this year in Seattle, you should already have your Jack O'Lanterns carved and your costumes picked out, as we should be just a couple days away from Halloween.

With the soggy start to May on the heels of a record wet March and much-wetter-than-normal February and March, Seattle has already collected over 25 inches of rainfall this year.

In a typical year, Seattle doesn't reach 25 inches of annual rain until October 28! Normal rainfall through May 2 is 15.70".

We can thank the super-soggy Saturday for putting us over the top. A record 1.31" of rain fell, which was not only the wettest ever May 3 at Sea-Tac, but the 2nd-wettest May date in Sea-Tac history.

Another rainy milestone: We have already clinched that this year can't be the driest year on record for Seattle.

We're now well beyond 23.78 inches for the year -- the amount of rain that fell in all of 1952 (and we're closing in on 1985's annual total).

That means Seattle could go bone dry for the rest of the year -- as in the sun comes out this week and the rain doesn't fall again until Jan. 1, 2015 (which has about as much chance as me quarterbacking the Seahawks to the next Super Bowl) and it would still not be the driest year on record. And as we said, we could go dry through late October and still be ahead of normal for the year.

With our typically rainy autumn still on tap, there's no telling how wet the year could end up. Then again, with El Nino looking likely for this autumn, which tends to lead to drier conditions around here, maybe it's not quite the slam dunk it seems now.

But at least it won't be as dry as 1952.