Touche, L.A.! Residents freak out as high temps drop into the upper 50s

I admit -- this article from the Los Angeles Times chastising Seattle for being 'snow wimps' during our snow and ice storm in January, 2012 has been sitting on my bulletin board ever since (well, at least a Firefox bookmark. Not that I have room in my cubicle for an actual bulletin board) just biding its time, waiting for the retaliatory strike.

That time, has come.

For I can vouch from personal experience this past weekend as the arctic air that engulfed much of the nation reached down into the Southland and temperatures plummeted into the 50s and low 60s in Southern California (wind chill 52!) that Angelenos took to it as if polar bears were about to start migrating down along "The 5" and "The 101".

I had meant to record some of the amusing news stories, but luckily Jimmy Kimmel did the work for me. Touche, LA!