Time lapse videos show off beauty of nature, American West

Photo from time lapse video "StormScapes" by Nicolaus Wegner

I am a big sucker for weather photography and time lapse video, and was recently pointed to a few new time lapse videos that have been released recently that really show the power of Mother Nature.

StormScapes, By: Nicolaus Wegner

Wegner says he spent much of last summer running around Wyoming and South Dakota filming thunderstorm formations and putting them in time lapse. "The Great Plains of the United States produce the most beautiful thunderstorms, supercells, and unique cloud structures in the world," Wegner wrote on his Vimeo page.

The project grabbed the attention of National Geographic which interviewed Wegner about his photography last week!

(If you're wondering about the dramatic teal color to the clouds -- that's the large hail stones inside the clouds refracting sunlight. Very neat effect!)

It's the latest project for him, coming off the heels of a second project focusing on Wyoming landscapes. He wrote this project was fraught with adventure.

"Lightning almost got me a couple of times this summer, gear froze up in the winter (literally), and broke a few times (don't think most of the time lapse gear was meant for extended wilderness backpacking), all that fun stuff," he wrote.

Project Yosemite: By Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill

Delehanty and Neill compiled time lapse photography from their 200+ mile backpacking experience through Yosemite National Park. According to their Vimeo page, they spent a combined 45 days in the park capturing the images in this video. (Find out more about their story at

(The snow scenes near the middle are stunning!)

Adrift: San Francisco Fog. By: Simon Cristen

This one is not new and has been featured in my blog before but it's one of my all time favorites and this gives me a chance to highlight it again:

Alpine Dreams. By Don Jensen

This one is also not new and Don Jensen has been featured in this blog a few before as well. But if we're going to show dramatic time lapse weather video from across the West, we need to have the Pacific Northwest represented. Enjoy!