Time lapse videos: Clouds, stars put on a show as summer gets under way

Milky Way Core (Photo: Meg McDonald / Wild Northwest Beauty Photography)

With the clear skies around here, it's been fertile ground for local photographers to get some great time lapse videos that I thought I'd share this week in the blog.

First up is a stunning view of the Milky Way Galaxy, as filmed by Meg McDonald with Wild Northwest Beauty Photography.

"Enjoy the brilliant galactic core of our Milky Way spinning across the midsummer sky and reflected in beautiful mountain lakes!" she wrote:

What? You want the moon instead of the stars? Meg can do that too:

Next up was this amazing dance of the lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier on Monday, courtesy of Luke Meyers:

It's a great illustration of how lenticular clouds work. Read more about them in my Weather FAQ

For clouds a bit more...developed, check out this video from photographer Bryan Snider, who chases storms in the Desert. This is a compilation of his work in Arizona over the past year. It's not all sunshine and triple digit heat!

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