Time lapse video week, Day 4: Lights dance in the sky

For Day 4 of our time lapse video week in the blog, we feature one local and one international photographer who have made some jaw-dropping time lapse videos of the Northern Lights.

Ole Salomonsen of Tromso, Norway took 50,000 still photographs of the Northern Lights to create a time-lapse video and has put them together to show the aurora's dance in near real time. He says in contrast to other time lapse videos of the Northern Lights, a main focus for him has been to display the Aurora Borealis in real-time speed, or as close as possible.

"In other videos you may see the aurora passing by in an blink of an eye, but in (my) video it moves very lifelike and realtime," he wrote.

Here is his second equally-amazing project that published in May:

Closer to home, Brad Goldpaint has been on the Northern Lights prowl all spring and summer around Oregon and here is some of his work: