Thunderstorms, cumulus and waterspouts -- Oh, my!

Mammatus Clouds northeast Of Redmond, WA on Oct. 21, 2012. (Courtesy Matthew Charchenko)

It was quite the active weekend around Western Washington, with fairly potent thunderstorms roaming around dumping heavy rain, hail, and capped off by a rare waterspout near Everett.

Luckily, several people had cameras rolling through the day -- not only just netting the waterspout, but to capture the beauty of such a turbulent day in the skies.

Among the most dramatic photos was of the mammatus clouds near Redmond (pictured above) taken by Matthew Charchenko -- a sign of a very unstable atmosphere.

Then there was this gem taken by Tim Durkan of the angry skies over Seattle:

The unstable skies were also quite evident in these videos. First up is from near Hansville. Owner Greg Johnson, not just satisfied with one HD time lapse camera, has set up a second one and aligned it as such to give a wide panorama of Admiralty Inlet:

That's just of one squall on Sunday. Here is the entire Saturday, which includes the waterspout day, from both his cameras. (The waterspout itself just missed his camera but you can see quite the bit of angry clouds around 2:07 on the video on the right side of the second camera). Note the intense wind shear through the day -- clouds moving in different directions at various altitudes:

Here are how the clouds looked from Vashon, courtesy of Twitter user @whitesky60

And from the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Department:

And Mike McLaughlin has these scenic ground shots of how the rain looked here on the ground:

Finally, in case you missed it, here was the waterspout from Saturday:

The unstable air will likely stick around until Tuesday so more Mother Nature fireworks are not out of the question.