There's stubborn, then there's this pile of snow in Everett

I'm sure it's not a Guinness record or anything, but I was sure surprised to find there are still some remnants of our snow storm last month *still* hanging around!

This still relatively large pile of snow was found at the Everett recycle station off Airport Road Wednesday morning -- a full 27 days after it last snowed.

A check of nearby Paine Field's weather records show the snow pile has even survived the last 19 consecutive days where the temperature hasn't even dropped below freezing at night. That's some endurance!

Granted, the pile of snow is next to a large wall and is likely shielded from sunshine for most, if not all of the day, which likely helped on those days in early February when the temperature neared 60 degrees.

A pile of snow in essence can help itself because the ice keeps the surrounding air around it cooler, but 27 days is pretty amazing in my book. Maybe some snow fans were hoping it'd get recycled into a new event soon? (Although long range models say:

While we're on the subject of snow, we are starting to run out of season, although snow events have happened into early March around the Puget Sound area. The latest snow on record to measure at Sea-Tac Airport is April 17 in 1972 (1.2"). What's especially interesting about that statistic is it comes in the same winter season that Sea-Tac set its record for earliest measurable snow: Oct. 27, 1971.

In the meantime, if you miss the snow but don't want to fight I-90 traffic to head to the mountains -- just head to South Everett. Just don't eat the snow.