The sea can create its own clouds too...

In my last blog, I wrote about how mountains can sometimes create their own clouds.

Did you know the sea can do it too?

Greg Johnson at got some great time lapse video from Thursday that shows a layer of fog that hugged the waterline -- what some call "sea fog".

It's created when the air is fairly humid on its own, and the chilly waters then cool the air near the surface just that extra little bit to bring the air to saturation and fog.

This happens on a much larger scale out in the Pacific Ocean. It's the relatively cool, 50-55 degree waters offshore that create a frequent fog layer off the coast, then the usually-dominant-but-not-this-summer westerly winds carry the fog and low clouds inland into Seattle, where we usually-but-not-this-summer have to wait until midday or so for the sun to burn off the fog, only to repeat the process again.