'Supermoon' puts on show in Seattle

Photo of "Supermoon" as it rises over Seattle on May 5, 2012. (Photo ©Liem Bahneman)

Saturday night was our annual "Supermoon" and boy, did it put on a show.

Liem Bahneman was out with countless other photographers searching for that perfect full moon shot with the Seattle skyline.

"A lot of photographers had the same idea, getting the skyline with the moon beyond, as the Magnolia bridge and Ursula Judkins Viewpoint on the west side were packed with throngs of photographers," Bahneman said.

But he had an advantage: Special software that told him right where to go to get the shot he wanted -- in this case, the moon behind the Space Needle.

"I was heading to a spot that I found using the tool called 'The Photographers Ephemeris', which is available on Mac, PC and IOS," he said. "It allows you to plot where the moon will rise and gives you guide lines to position yourself properly, including altitude and degrees of elevation."

He says using it in combination with Google Earth, he was able to narrow down the perfect spots to a few locations.

"Google Earth allows you to see if the Space Needle is visible from a given location that TPE could reveal as promising. My original intention was to position Mt. Pilchuck's lookout in front of the moon, but gas prices led me to Seattle instead."

He says another useful tool is called "Theodolite" for the iPhone which allows you to dial in the actual degrees of elevation a landmark is relative to your position.

Great shots Liem!!!


Just got a few new local Supermoon time lapse videos into my email Monday morning from some of my other frequent blog friends:

From KOMO photographer Doug Pigsley:

From Don Jensen:

and from Phil in Blaine: