Stuffed toys interrupt Portland NWS weather forecast

A woman scrambled to remove stuffed toys from interrupting National Weather Service's Andy Bryant's weather update inside the agency's Portland office Wednesday. (Photo: NWS Portland)

Things got a little chaotic Wednesday in the Portland office of the National Weather Service.

Andy Bryant was recording a video, giving an update on the potential for flooding in the Portland-metro area from rain and snowmelt, when suddenly a stuffed toy fish jumped up on the desk next to him.

Bryant, remaining calm, removed the fish, and returned it to the floor, its apparent natural habitat.

Moments later, what appeared to be a stuffed chicken, walked out onto the floor from behind him.

A woman frantically dashed into the scene and swept the chicken and the fish safely away.

Bryant was unfazed during the ordeal and finished his update.

The incident was similar to what happened when the children of political science professor Robert E. Kelley barged into his home office during an interview with the BBC last week.

It is unknown what is causing these interruptions during videos. So far experts, as far as we know, have not weighed in on the cause of the incidents or whether they will become epidemic.

Meanwhile, in space, alien space travel may be responsible for the mysterious fast radio bursts emanating from space. From Esquire.

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