Stormy winter out East, but Seattle has them beat

A rainy window pane on a stormy day in Seattle. (Photo courtesy: Michael Mclaughlin Photography

There has been a lot of talk on the East Coast about their past winter and how stormy it's been, but believe it or not, many spots have had nearly twice as many dry days as we've had.

I bring this up after seeing an article in Salon that featured a time lapse video of the daily satellite image from Jan. 1 to March 24, showing the parade of storms across the East Coast over those three months:

Now granted, those storms weren't just drenching rains but many of them were gobs of snow amid frequent bouts of record cold temperature, while Seattle only managed about an inch of snow and a few days in the 20s.

But one place where we remain king is frequency of precipitation. Check out this chart of number of days with measurable precipitation since Jan 1:

So while the Midwest and East Coast can rightly say they've shivered and had to dig out more often than here, they do get a few days in between their storms to wring out (or shovel out!)