Storm chaser films as 'mother ship' storm cloud forms in front of them

Photo of supercell thunderstorm as it forms over Adrian, Texas on Aug. 17, 2012. (Screen photo off video posted on by Blaize Justice)

If you started the video at the end, you could be excused for being fooled into thinking an alien invasion was under way.

Storm chaser Blaize Justice and his crew were out in Adrian, Texas on Aug. 17 and managed to be there with cameras rolling when a storm went from infancy stages into a raging supercell thunderstorm, complete with an awe-inspiring cloud base that rotated into something straight out of Close Encounters.

You can see about 1:40 in the cloud begins its swirl as storm system gets some rotation. By about 2:10, a well defined wall and shelf cloud are visible.

And around 4:10, you're expecting a light to come shining out of the center of the cloud base and a request to be taken to your leader.

Instead, it's just frequent lightning strikes, downdrafts, and the inklings of a tornado.