Statistical rainiest day of the year lives up to billing

For those who follow the Seattle weather calendar, rain Monday should not have been a surprise.

November 19 is statistically the most likely day to have rain in Seattle, as it has rained a whopping 88 times in the past 119 years, according to this chart.

Make that 89 out of 120.

No other day on that chart is even close (second-wettest is 81 times on Dec. 29). What's even more amazing about the gravitation of rain to this date is that the other dates surrounding the 19th have "only" had rain about 65 times -- about 20 percent less.

But to give an idea of how wet Monday was, in all those 88 times it's rained before on this date, it's never rained this much. Through 10 a.m., Seattle had already set its daily rainfall record with 1.48" of rain, breaking the old record of 1.23" set in 1962, and the rain was still coming down.