Sneaky thunderstorm briefly lights up skies over Whidbey Island

      Photo courtesy: Greg Johnson,

      Who here knew there were thunderstorms last night?

      Me neither.

      But as a weak trough slid over the region overnight, it managed to trigger a thunderstorm in the dead of night.

      As in one. A very lonely thunderstorm.

      Luckily, Greg Johnson's camera at never misses anything that happens overnight.

      His camera captured 4 brilliant lightning strikes as the cell drifted over just north of Whidbey Island between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m.

      And here is the radar image from last night right at the same time as one of the lightning stamps (3:27 am / 10:27 UTC time):

      You can loop the hour's worth of radar image here and see the cell didn't last very long.

      While the pattern remains dry this week, there are outside chances of a few showers over the mountains that may drift into the nearby foothills but thunderstorm chances are quite remote.

      But if one sneaks up there again, we'll have some evidence!


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