Seattle's Summer Scoreboard: Already plenty of days in the 80s

      As our summer of 2013 begins to enter its fourth quarter, it turns out Seattle has already scored enough points for this summer to at least be considered average, or even above average in the warm weather department, and that's still with about 4 weeks to go of realistic chances of reaching 80 degrees.

      I use the number of days above 80, 85, and 90 to get a good gauge of where our summer is going. Here is the "scoreboard" as of Aug. 14:

      And here is how those stack up with respect to records:

      Number of 80 degree days:

      • 1. 47, 1958
      • 2. 46, 1967
      • 3. 45, 1961
      • 4. 40, 1987
      • 5. 38, 1985
      • 21. 28 (tie), 2013

      Number of 85 degree days:

      • 1. 22, 1967
      • 2. 21, 1958, 2009
      • 4. 19, 1961
      • 5. 18, 2006, 1992, 1990, 1977
      • 18. 13 (tie) 2013

      With only one 90 degree day, we are well down the records list.

      You can see despite our warm summer that has drawn rave reviews from many of the locals, we've certainly had warmer summers. Will 2013 eventually rank among them? Probably not -- while long range models suggest we might eke out a low 80s day or two early next week, it looks like a break from the long string of 80s for a while.

      Time is starting to run out

      While I mentioned earlier that we still have a solid four weeks left where 80s are easily attainable, they will, as you might imagine, start becoming gradually more difficult to reach.

      Starting Tuesday, the average high temperature in Seattle drops 0.1 degrees per day, accelerating to about 0.15 per day by the end of August. By early September, our average high is 74 -- down from 77 in early August. By the end of September, it's in the mid 60s.



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