Seattle's summer peaks Saturday, starts slow slide toward winter

It's been a very warm and sunny summer so far with more of the same on tap for the next several days. While it hasn't been super hot, the usual cooling marine clouds have been absent in Seattle and for the many without air conditioning, the nights haven't been all that comfortable.

For those who long for cooler weather, I don't have good news in the immediate future, but there is a silver lining to Aug. 2: Seattle has reached the pinnacle of our steady climb to the warmest and driest time of year, and now, it's all downhill from here.

On August 1, Seattle reached its highest average high temperature of the year at 77.4 degrees. It's also at that level on the 2nd, but starting Aug. 3, it drops to 77.3 degrees and starts to drop another tenth every few days until it reaches 45.1 in late December.

As for rainfall, the period between July 30 and Aug. 4 is the driest of the dry time with rain occurring about once every 10 years on average. As you can see, the increase in rainfall frequency is much quicker than the drop in temperature. It is, after all, just 8 weeks until October and about 10-11 weeks until our rainfall peak in mid-November.

But as I mentioned, sun fans don't have to fret just yet. Plenty of continued sunshine and warmth as a general rule for at least the next two weeks, with long range models suggesting continued dry and warmer-than-average conditions into the autumn.