Seattle's autumn dry streak? 7 minutes long

Photo courtesy: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Visibility Camera

Seattle's summer might have been known for our lack of rain, but autumn didn't take long to assert there's a new sheriff in town.

In fact, it waited all of 7 minutes.

Measurable rain fell at Sea-Tac Airport at 7:56 a.m. Satuday, just 420 seconds after autumn began at 7:49. It only measured 0.01" but that might as well be a foot of rain these days.

The 0.01" gives September 0.03" for the year and now when paired with August's essential zero means we can't break (but can still tie) the record for driest two-month stretch in Seattle history, which was a July-August tandem years back at 0.03". We are still on track to set the driest August-September tandem, which currently sits at 0.19".

For more statistical fun: It's only the third day of measurable rain in the past 62 days, all three times registering the minimum 0.01". The 62 day streak does, at the moment, continue the record of longest stretch of rain less than 0.02" (thanks to Cliff Mass for that statistical tidbit) which was 58.

So, welcome autumn. It appears you're right on time.