Seattle weather: Rainy and 96? City sets zany all-time record Monday

Photo courtesy Sigma Sreedharan Photography?

File this under: Never seen that before...Seattle set an all-time weather record Monday night, when 0.02" of rain fell in a shower just before 11:30 p.m. What's so special about 0.02" of rain? It came on a day when the high was 96 degrees.It will thus go down as the hottest day ever in Seattle to have measurable rain. The previous record was a 90 degree day on May 23, 1969 when 0.02" of rain also fell.

(There was a trace of rain on a 95 degree day on July 27, 1998.)

It's quite rare to be so hot and have rain because typically the pattern that brings intense heat to Western Washington is extremely dry. But Monday, the heat-causing thermal trough moved out and thunderstorms moved in during the late evening. The first round of thunderstorms didn't bring measurable rain but a second band of rain showers did.

So yes, now we can say it even rains in Seattle on the sunny days too...