Seattle weather at its finest: 10 storms in 16 days

A rainy window pane on a stormy day in Seattle. (Photo courtesy: Michael Mclaughlin Photography

Seattle is going to try to accomplish a daunting feat: Make up for a fairly dry autumn and winter by pouring nearly non stop for two weeks in February.

Watching the forecast models for the next two weeks suggests the rain that returned earlier this week is going to stick around in the forecast for quite some time.

Here is a 15 day forecast model that shows isobars in black lines and the colored blobs are expected rain. I counted 10 separate storm systems or weather disturbances to march through the region over the next two weeks. (This starts Tuesday afternoon)

Technically you might be able to call it 12 storms in 18 days since there were two systems that already came in late Sunday and again late Monday.

Luckily the snow levels are to remain low enough that major river flooding is not foreseen -- and double bonus that the mountains will be getting gobs of snow. (Major issue there is avalanche danger). Weather tip: as long as Washington is in the blue dotted lines and not the red, snow levels are at or below Snoqualmie Pass (the red/blue "540" line is about a 3,000 foot snow level). You might say it's the perfect weather pattern to balance rain and snow needs without the major flooding issues.

But for those looking for their Vitamin D kick, it'll be tough go for sunshine anytime soon. On the other hand, guess we'll all be getting our webbed feet back!