Seattle sets 6 month rainfall record in just 4 months

Photo courtesy: Mike Mclaughlin

You know how sometimes in baseball and football your team clinches the division with several games still left in the regular season?

Seattle just did that, meteorologically speaking, by breaking a six month rainfall record... and only needing four months to do it.

The National Weather Service reported Monday morning that with the 0.22 inches of rain that fell on Sunday, Seattle had received 22.87 inches of rain since Feb. 1. That broke the record for wettest February-through-July period in Seattle history.

It took all six months to get there in 1972, reaching 22.81 inches. This year, we broke it tying June and July behind our back. We could go bone dry the next 65 days and the record is still broken.

That's what happens when two of the wettest three months since January 2013 have occurred this spring -- an all-time March record of 9.44 inches and 6.11 inches in February. March was the wettest month since November 2006, beating several typcially soggy autumn and winter months.

Now, what about January through July? 1972 had a much wetter January (7.24") than we did (3.70") and also had a wetter-than-normal June (1.81") and July (1.34") giving them 30.05 inches on Aug. 1. Currently, we stand at 26.58" for the year (5th place wettest Jan-July) with our June and July rainfall still to come.

June normal is 1.57" and July is 0.70" which would get us to 28.85" so we'll need a wetter-than-normal June and/or July to catch up to 1972. And if you've been reading my weather blog lately, you'll know that many are forecasting a warm, dry summer so it seems unlikely we'll unseat 1972 as division champ in that regard (but maybe a wild card berth?)

Then again, our precipitation offense has been clicking on all cylinders of late!

P.S. Our 26.58" so far this year is already ahead of two years' full annual totals: 1952 (23.78") and 1985 (25.13").