Seattle reaches the top of the weather roller-coaster

Everyone raise your hands and be ready to scream -- especially if you're a sun fan. Seattle has reached the pinnacle of our steady climb to the warmest and driest time of year, and now, it's all downhill from here.

On August 1, Seattle reached its highest average high temperature of the year at 77.4 degrees. It's also at that level on the 2nd, but starting Aug. 3, it drops to 77.3 degrees and starts to drop another tenth every few days until it reaches 45.1 in late December.

As for rainfall, the period between July 30 and Aug. 4 is the driest of the dry time with rain occurring about once every 10 years on average. As you can see, the increase in rainfall frequency is much quicker than the drop in temperature. It is, after all, just 8 weeks until October.