Seattle on pace for hottest July-August in Sea-Tac history

Mt. Rainier basks in sunshine behind Seattle's Great Wheel on July 1, 2014. (Photo courtesy: Youn Sung)

Seattle has already notched the fourth-warmest July on record by average high temperature (second warmest by average temperature), but apparently this summer has its sights set on loftier goals.

As of Monday night's data, August was also on pace to be the second-warmest August at Sea-Tac Airport, currently sitting at an average high of 81.7 degrees. The record is a lofty 83.7 degrees so we'd need to really turn up the burners to reach that record.

But! There is a record we could still top -- the record for warmest July-August combined at Sea-Tac -- essentially what I'd count for the warmest summer on record since July and August are really the peak months, with June and September both distant 3rd/4th for warmest months.

Through Monday, the average high temperature since July 1 is 80.9 degrees. The record warmest is 80.2 degrees set in 1967 -- yes, only one time before since 1945 has Seattle had an average high of 80 degrees or more across July and August.

To reach the record, we need to average at least 77.8 degrees for highs the rest of the month to reach it, or if you want to play along at home, we need the high temperatures from this Tuesday through the 31st to add up to 1012 degrees to break the record.

While we are expecting a cooling trend for the middle of this week, long range models suggest some more warm-to-hot days may be in the offing next week. We'll be watching!