Seattle now averaging an hour of 'summer' weather a day?

When you average it all out, it's music to many people's ears: Seattle has had, on average, just under an hour every day this summer with temperatures at or above 80 degrees.

I'm still toiling away counting the minutes the city has had over 80 at the UW via @SummerMinutes Twitter feed. I had been more concerned about whether we would reach last year's summer total, but Twitter user @weskimcom just Tweeted me a chart that pointed out something else in the tally: We're now averaging about an hour a day of "summer."

We had been stuck at under an hour for all of July! -- just 58 minutes --but of course with several days in the 80s and 90s this month, the count has gone way higher: 3,650 minutes to be exact, or 60 hours and 50 minutes across 61 days of summer through Aug. 20.

(For the record, Aug. 21 and 22 didn't add any minutes). That's already ahead of last year's entire summer total of 3,323.

Looks like we'll stay stuck at 3,650 for a while. As for that hour of 80s, I think those missing it will have to send Mother Nature an IOU.